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September - November

September - November

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Game Schedule Changes / Announcements

Note: The following Changes / Announcements are not necessarily in chronological order.

TRACK RULES have been revised. Mike Jones-2/10/2016

PLAYOFF RULES have been revised. Ellie Rapp-5/31/2016

GENERAL RULES have been revised. Ellie Rapp-8/23/2016

BASEBALL RULES have been revised. Ellie Rapp-8/23/2016

BASEBALL - St. RobertSt. Veronica, St. Matthew & O.L.A. 8th Grade Dates/Locations have changed. M.Watkins-9/4/2016

VOLLEYBALL - Mt. CarmelSt. Ramond's Cubs game has changed dates. Theresa Chavez-9/9/2016

Meeting Schedule(s)

No meetings scheduled

The purpose of this organization shall be to foster a spirit of cooperation and friendly competition

among the Catholic parishes/schools of San Mateo County. This program shall strive to enrich our

students physically and socially by developing practices of good sportsmanship, encouraging

participation, and building self-esteem in all participants.

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